Physical education, a learning experience, offers a unique opportunity for problem – solving and self-expression and socialization. A well implemented and comprehensive programmers is an essential component to the growth of both mind and body. The Department of physical education of KALAM POLYTECHNIC College solely works to develop the body and mind of the student to work coordinately. Physical Education is a sequential educational program. It is based on physical activities undertaken in an active, caring, supportive and nonthreatening atmosphere in which every student is challenged and successful. Students with disabilities are provided with a learning environment that is modified, when necessary, to allow for maximum participation and having a fine Track and Field, a  ground for Foot Ball, Cricket courts for Volley Ball  Tennis, Hand Ball, Kho Kho, Kabaddi  Badminton, Rooms for Chess and Carrom.

Ground Facilities

Standard 200 Meter track

  • Foot Ball Court - 1
  • Volley Ball Court - 1
  • Ball Badminton Court - 1
  • Shuttle Court - 1
  • Kho Kho Court - 1


Cricket, Volley Ball, Ball Badminton and Foot Ball

Indoor Games

Carrom and Chess


Participated in inter Unit - 3 Tournaments

  • Cricket - Runners
  • Ball Badminton - Winners
  • Throw Ball - Winners