Computer Engineering

The Department of Computer Engineering in Dr Kalam Polytechnic College was formed in the year 2008 and provides an outstanding research environment complemented by excellence in teaching.

The Department has a comprehensive curriculum on topics related to all aspects of Computer Hardware and Software with an emphasis on practical learning. The course structure is up-to-date and includes courses on nascent topics to equip our students with the latest developments in Computer Science and Engineering.

The Department has state-of-the-art infrastructure and computing equipment supported by high speed Ethernet and wireless networks.

Our faculty members aim at delivering top class education blending their rich research experience with classroom teaching.

Our Mission

"To become an internationally reputed institution by producing competent professionals with exemplary skills and ethical values."

Our Vision

  • To achieve higher level technological and professional excellence
  • To impart quality and holistic professional education
  • To train professionals to be entrepreneurs and employment generators
  • To enhance the capabilities of faculty through research and consultancy by providing greater facilities.

Our Goal

To create an academic environment with emphasis on self learning and self discipline for producing employable engineers with social responsibility by inculcating good ethics in them

Course Aime

Diploma in Computer Engineering aims to train students to be modern era analyst programmers who can contribute competently upon employment, business knowledge to service the various industry sectors, and be able to keep pace with the dynamic change in technology and needs of the industry.


The Duration of the course is 3 years ( 6 Semesters ).


  • Computer centre with latest software's
  • CBT - Computer based tutorial
  • Multimedia Kit, LCD projectors CAREER PROSPECTS
  • Self employment
  • 100% placement in India & Abroad
  • Higher Studies (They are eligible for lateral entry)
  • Students completing this stream of study are able to be employed as Network and System Maintenance Engineers, Computer Programmers, and Computer Operators.
Entry Requirements
  • Students who have completed their SSLC exam successfully are eligible to join first Year of their diploma course.
  • Students who have completed their HSC exam successfully are eligible to join second Year of their diploma course direct.


  • JAVA
  • .NET
The DCT Department is equipped with the following labs:
  • Electrical & Electronics Practical
  • Linux Practical
  • C Programming Practical
  • Computer Applications Practical
  • Java Programming Practical
  • Data Structure using C practical
  • Communication and Life Skills Practical
  • Web Programming Practical
  • Relational Database and Management Systems Practical
  • .Net Programming Practical
  • Computer Servicing and Network Practical
  • System Administration Practical
Elective Practical
  • Multimedia Systems Practical
  • Open Source Software Practical
Electrical & Electronics Practical
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Ammeter (0-50) mA
  • Voltmeter (0-20) V, (0-1v)
  • Power supply 0-30V 6
  • Digital Trainer Kit 6
  • Bread Board 6
  • Fixed dual power Supply 0-15 V 2
  • Signal generator 1 MHz 2
  • CRO Dual Trace 30 MHz 6
  • Single Phase Transformer
  • Resistors
  • 150O, 1KO, 2.2KO,.
  • 10KO,2 20O
  • Capacitor 10F, 4.7F
  • PN Diode IN4007
  • Zener Diode Z11.1
  • Transistor SL100,CL100
  • IC7400, IC7402, IC7404, IC7408, IC7432, IC7486
  • IC74161(Counter)
  • IC74153(MUX)
  • IC74139(DMUX)
  • IC7476 (Flip-Flop)
  • IC74194 (Shift Register)
Linux Practical
  • Linux Operating System
  • C Programming Practical
  • Linux Operating System
  • C-Compiler with Editor
Java Programming Practical
  • JDK1.3 OR JDK1.4
Data Structure using C practical
  • C-Compiler with Editor
Communication and Life Skills Practical
  • An echo-free room for housing a minimum of sixty students.
  • Necessary furniture and comfortable chairs
  • Public Address System.
  • A minimum of two Computers with internet access, with Audio for Listening
  • Skill and related
  • software packages.
  • A minimum of Two different English dailies.
  • A minimum of one standard Tamil daily.
  • Headphone units 30 Nos. with one control unit with a facility to play and record in Computer.
  • A minimum of Three Mikes with and without cords.
  • Colour Television (minimum size 29).
  • DVD/VCD Player with Home Theatre speakers.
  • Clip Chart, white board ,smart board.
  • Projector.
  • video camera.
  • Printer,Xerox,scanner machines
  • English Weeklies/monthlies/journals like ELTOI
  • Monthly journal for Lifeskills
Web Programming Practical
  • Notepad or any one Editor
  • Web browser
  • Apache Tomcat 4.0 x or JRun 3.x
Relational Database and Management Systems Practical
  • A Server with Oracle 8i or higher (Oracle 10g is preferred)
.Net Programming Practical:
  • . Net FrameWork
  • Visual Studio IDE
Computer Servicing and Network Practical
  • Computer with Pentium / Core processors with add on cards
  • Hard disk drive
  • CD Drive
  • DVDWriter
  • Blank DVD
  • Blank Blu-ray disk
  • Head cleaning CD
  • Dot matrix Printer
  • Laser Printer
  • Digital Camera
  • Web Camera
  • Scanner
  • Blue tooth device and cell phone
  • Bio-metric device
  • Laptop
  • Windows XP operating system
  • Linux operating system
  • Disk Manager (for the purpose of partition and format)
  • Norton or E-Trust Antivirus software
  • Scandisk
  • DVDWriter S/W
  • CD Burning S/W (Ahead Nero or latest S/W)
  • Blu-ray Burning S/W
  • Crimping Tool
  • Network Cables
  • Modem
  • Laser Printer
  • Hub
  • Router
  • Switch
  • Pentium Systemswith on board Ethernet Card (NIC)
  • Windows 2000 or 2003 or LINUX Server.
  • OSWindows XP with service pack
  • Drivers Software
Multimedia Systems Practical
  • Art of Illusion Replaces: AutoDeskMaya
  • Blender Replaces: AutoDesk Maya
  • Songbird Replaces: iTunes
  • CoolPlayer Replaces: Windows Media Player
  • Zinf Replaces: Windows Media Player
  • Audio Recorders and Editors
  • Audacity Replaces: Sonar X1, Sony ACID, Adobe Audition
  • Frinika Replaces: Sonar X1, Sony ACID
  • BonkEnc Exact Audio Copy, Audio Convertor Studio
  • CDex Exact Audio Copy
  • MMConvert Exact Audio Copy,
  • Multimedia Players
  • VLCMedia Player Replaces: Windows Media Player
  • Mplayer Replaces: Windows Media Player
  • XBMC Media Center Replaces: Windows Media Player
  • MediaPortal Replaces: Windows Media Player
  • Cinelerra Replaces: Adobe Premiere
  • OpenShot Video Editor Replaces: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
  • Avidemux Replaces: Adobe Premiere
  • Kdenlive Replaces: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
  • CineFX Replaces: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
  • DVDx Replaces: Movavi Video Converter, Zamzar
  • DVD Flick Replaces: Movavi Video Converter, Zamzar
  • FFDShow Replaces:Movavi Video Converter, Zamzar
  • Miro Replaces: Windows Media Player
  • Infrared Recorder
  • DVD Flick, Dvdstyler, Bombono DVD
Internet Facilities
  • Fully Ethernet enabled labarotarios.
  • Wireless network enabled Institution.