Mechanical Engineering


The Department of Mechanical Engineering and its faculty members make every effort to achieve the college's vision of "Holistic and Value Based Professional Education" by adapting modern training methodologies. The Department has the ideal blend of faculty with rich industrial experience from BHEL, State Government Departments and Younger Post Graduates and Ph.D.'s with innovative ideas. The laboratories are fully supported by 5 Master Technicians who are experts in their respective grade and impart hands-on training to the student's community.The Department was started in the year 2010 and the first batch was rolled out from the college in the year 2010.

Mechanical engineering is a diverse subject that derives its breadth from the need to design and manufacture everything from small individual parts and devices (e.g., micro scale sensors and inkjet printer nozzles) to large systems (e.g., spacecraft and machine tools). The role of a mechanical engineer is to take a product from an idea to the marketplace. In order to accomplish this, a broad range of skills are needed. The mechanical engineer needs to acquire particular skills and knowledge. He/she needs to understand the forces and the thermal environment that a product, its parts, or its subsystems will encounter; to design them for functionality, aesthetics, and the ability to withstand the forces and the thermal environment they will be subjected to; and to determine the best way to manufacture them and ensure they will operate without failure. Perhaps the one skill that is the mechanical engineer's exclusive domain is the ability to analyze and design objects and systems with motion.

Infrastructure Facilities

Manufacturing Technology Lab
  • Universal milling machine
  • Radial drilling machine
  • Gear hobbing machine
  • Turret and capston lathes
  • Shaping and slotting machines
  • Centre lathes of different types
  • CNC Turing Centre (Exclusive for Research)
Thermal Engineering Lab
  • Steam boiler with associated accessories
  • Heat balance test rigs for single/ multi cylinder diesel/ petrol engines
  • Test rigs for refrigeration, Sir conditioning and air compressors
  • Apparatus to determine the flash and fire points of fuels, results of natural/ forced convection in heat and mass transfer
  • Cut views of two/ four stroke I.C. engines for better understatding of its construction and to determine the valve timing
  • Computerized test rig for the assessment of performance & combustion characteristics of various IC engine fuels. (Exclusive for Research)
Fluid Mechanics and Machineries Lab
  • Working models of impulse/ reaction turbines pelton wheel, francis and Kaplan turbines respectively.
  • Test rigs for variable centrifugal pump, gear pumps, jet pumps and reciprocating pumps.
  • Pipe friction apparatus
  • Venture meter and orifice meter calibration apparatus
  • Computerized test rig for the assessment of performance & combustion characteristics of various IC engine fuels. (Exclusive for Research)
Strength of Material Lab
  • Universal testing machine (400 kN)
  • Tensile testing machine (2.5 kN)
  • Torsion testing machine (6 Kgm)
  • Hardness testing machine (Brinble, Rockwell)
  • Impact testing machines
  • Computer systems : 35
  • Auto CAD 2008 with Inventor professional Network; Auto CAD 2008 with Civil; Auto CAD 2008 with Electrical : 30 Users
  • Solid Edge 3D Modeling : 30 Users
  • Unigraphics NX CAM Express : 15 Users
  • FEMAP with NX NASTRAN : 15 Users
  • CANON LBP2900 Laser Printer : 1 No.
  • HP CP1215 COLOUR Laser Printer : 1 No.
  • ANSYS - 14.0 : 25 Users
Mechatronics Lab
  • Stepper Motor interface Trainer with 8051 Microprocessor
  • PID Controller Trainer Kit with Electrical Bulb Loading set up
  • Closed Loop servo Controller Trainer kit with Rotary Encoder
  • Open Loop servo Controller Trainer
  • PLC Controlled Pneumatic Trainer
  • Electro Pneumatic Trainer Kit
  • Basic Pneumatic Trainer Kit
  • 5HP Air Compressor with Starter Controller
  • Variable Pressure Trainer with Data logging System
  • NI-Universal Analog input module
  • Variable Flow Trainer with Data logging System
  • Variable Temperature Trainer with Data logging System